Makar Mela 2066 B.S.

makar mela

Makar Mela is celebrated once for a month in Magh every twelve years from time immemorial at Panauti. Millions of devotees from all over the country and India vist here during the fair and take a holy bathe at the confluence of Punyamata and Roshi river.

The fair is observed at triveni, the trijunction of three rivers Punyamata (Punyamati), Roshi (Lilawati) and Rudrawati (the invisible river). The fair begins as the sun enters Makar Rashi on the day of Makar Sankranti, the significant day as per vedic astrology. After taking bath at the Triveni, the devotees worship Basuki Naag (the caretaker of Panauti city) and carry water at the snuff box of the hand and climb the Gorakhnath hill to offer the water from triveni to Gorakhnath temple. After that the devotees visit Indreshwor temple courtyard to worship Indreshwor Mahadev.

The mythology of this festival revolves around the story of Indra getting rid of his sins. Another story is related to the king Dirgharath of Panauti and king Satyawar of Patan pray to goddess Fulchowki for the rivers Roshi and Godawari. This fair was obseved in the year 2066 B.S. and the next will be held in the year 2078 B.S.


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